5 Tips increase battery life in android phones

Android OS is a big platform in the junction of mobile OS. Cause of that android OS have a large specification area in mobile field it want more power comparing to older mobile OS for apps,gadgets,calling,surfing etc.

In a average android phone the battery life given by the company is not much acceptable by the user. So now we serve you the most and better ways to increase battery life in android phones.These ways will help you to save the power of your android phone.

1. Built in MONITORING
As per the above images there is a built in tab to monitor or to check all the main processes which have member in taking power from your battery. This tab is found into Settings –> About Phone –>Battery use. And by according to above pic we can save power by making less calling. But that is not overall solution. So kindly try others also which are as under.


Apps which were you don’t need and especially that ones which are running in background in a particular time interval or have a much memory space for running then frequently remove them by your built in task manager. This will found in Settings –> Applications –> Manage Applications.


Sync features like Google calendar,Gmail are not frequently used so put them off.My setting app will give a toggle view to edit them and other also. as my recommendation keep sync feature off and manually sync , twice a week / per day / as your need.


A few numbers of apps and are also helpful for save power.They have many features like automatic of disabling of Wi-Fi ,flashlight,GPS,enabling of airplane mode auto set etc.Apps for power control

Android Booster
Power schedule
Airplane Auto Switch
Power Manager
Green Power battery saver v3.12

5. Downloading or Updating while CHARGING

As we know downloading and updating are way in which phone is gathering info.. from net via server or Wi-Fi and it also kill most part of battery so it is simple to keep the work of downloading and updating while phone is charging.