How to Install MIUI ROM Android 2.3.4 on Samsung Galaxy

New MIUI ROM is one of the latest and highly user friendly rom. It gives new and some interesting features to android users. It have some useful and toggle features that are not in default android ROM , it has better music,browsing and interference and many extra feature.

So Today we are going to install MIUI 1.7.29 on our Samsung galaxy s2. This latest build of MIUI is in beta stage so it can contain some minor bugs but don’t worry about it , you will never feel that this ROM is incomplete. Now first I will tell you the things we need for installing MIUI.

1.In this Guide we are rooting our phone , and rooting will void your phone’s warranty. and it can be recovered after unrooting it
2.Double check all steps before taking any action ,any mistake can brick your phone
3.As our recommendation Create a complete backup of your current ROM (2nd step), so you can restore it if something happened wrong.

Instructions to install Android 2.3.4 MIUI ROM on Samsung Galaxy S2
Disclaimer: There is a risk in the installation process.

1.Download MIUI 1.7.29 from here
2.200 MB free space of internal memory
3.At least 80% battery power
4.USB Cable of phone
5.Separate SD card , internal memory will not work

1. ROOT Your Phone

First we need to ROOT our Samsung galaxy s2 , rooting will give us ability to make complete backup of our current ROM so we can restore it if something gone wrong OR you don’t like MIUI. if you are afraid about your phone’s warranty then don’t worry we can also unroot it very easily.

You can follow rooting tutorials below according to your firmware version , to check firmware version go to settings > about phone and see build version ,for example in picture below it is GINGERBREAD.XXKG6 so follow XXKG6 rooting guide.

2. Backing up current ROM and preparing phone to flash MIUI

I know how much you love your Galaxy s2 and it is obvious no one want to flush $629 . in case some thing gone wrong OR you just want original rom back , we are going to make a whole system backup that will allow you to restore your original ROM anytime . don’t confuse about clockwork mod recovery and something else we have already install these tools while we root our phone in above step.

1).Download and install ROM manager from android market

2).Run the ROM manager on your phone .

3).Hit the Flash ClockworkMod Recovery and it will give you a list, choose the Samsung Galaxy S2 from the list. when you do this your phone will reboot .

4).After reboot, run ROM manager again and select Reboot Into Recovery.

5).Now phone will reboot again.And a special mode ClockworkMod Recovery is appears .In this mode your touch screen will not work. use volume UP/Down and OK keys. in this mode we can make a backup of our current ROM

6).To start backup process select backup and restore option in recovery menu

7).Now choose backup, it will begin complete system backup process

8).when backing up process completes , you will see backup complete message and recovery menu above it.

9).Now using volume up/down buttons scroll down to wipe data/factory reset > advanced > wipe Dalvik cache

10).you can select reboot system now to boot your phone in normal mode.

You can restore this backup any time with this method => just boot in recovery > select backup and restore > select restore > and choose your backup file .

3. PC Part , putting MIUI to sd card

1).Connect your Galaxy S2 to PC

2).Now its time to put ROM file (We already downloaded MIUI rom in required section) on your phone’s sd card

3).Copy (102.1 MB) in the root of phone’s SD Card , root directory is main directory of SD card that comes just after opening it. in easy words just open your memory card and paste ROM file without going to any other folder

4).Now you can disconnect the phone from PC.

4. Flashing MIUI ROM

1).Boot your phone into recovery, run rom manager and select reboot in recovery

2).Now we will install MIUI rom, to do that, in recovery menu select install zip from sdcard then choose zip from sd card and select file (we already copied it in above step 3.3)

3).Installing process will begin , it will not take so much time so take patience

4).once done , select reboot system now from recovery menu

5.This will boot your phone and you will see MIUI running on it