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  • BigCityBeats Clubmusicradio

    BigCityBeats Clubmusicradio

    Kostenlose Musik. Die BigCityBeats Radioshow gibts jetzt 24 Stunden / 7 Tage kostenlos als Webradio. Du kannst sie jetzt rund um die Uhr, ob im Büro, zu Hause oder wo auch immer im WWW hören. Neue Version mit verbessertem Streaming,
  • Substrate Live Wallpapers

    Substrate Live Wallpapers

    NEW: sorry for updates… AARRGGHH!!! Market bugs! A set of live wallpapers, each displaying a slowly changing pattern which gradually evolves in your home screen. These subtle animations save battery power and keep your home screen responsive. The hacks collected
  • A RC Hobby Manual

    A RC Hobby Manual

    The radio controlled devices are a popular hobby, and are a key component in a sport that involves displaying the skill of the user in controlling the device efficiently. If you are interested in RC Hobbies read this book and
  • DoughnutPay Organizer

    DoughnutPay Organizer

    Enter your credit card statement and due dates to see which one will give you the most amount of time before you have to pay for something bought today.\n\n You can use your credit cards as interest free loans, and
  • Voice Dictionary

    Voice Dictionary

    Type or speak a word to DEFINE.TTS enabled phones can SPEAK the definition. * Unlimited (session) word history.* Multiple definitions per word.* Related phrases. (NEW! 17JAN2011 )* SMS definition to device.* Triple-tap a word in the definition to set as
  • Android Games

  • othelloReversi


    [ update ] – theme update – bug fix – new design Reversi (also marketed by Pressman under the trade name Othello) is a board game involving abstract strategy and played by two players on a board with 8 rows
  • BabyGames 4

    BabyGames 4

    BabyGames is the best way to learn. BabyGames 4 help your children to draw numbers, letters and improves their children’s drawing skills.- All ABC letters to practice.- Numbers drawings- Random drawings- Different colors- Different Brushes and different size- Eraser options.


    - Summary: Crocodile dentist for 3 hippos - Installation Requirements: Android platform 2.1 or later- Technology: Fixed landscape, various screen resolution, vibration and sound effect support- Usage Note: Use H/W options menu button to restart- Description: Test your luck among
  • King of the Hill

    King of the Hill

    Hank, Peggy, Bill, and all your favorites are here from one of your favorite television series. King of the Hill has landed on Android and you can add this theme to your collection of themes based on FOXs most popular
  • GT5 Trophies

    GT5 Trophies

    Here is a list of the 59 trophies for the game Gran Turismo 5. Enjoy, and do not drive as fast in real life =D
  • Android Tips

  • How to ROOT Samsung Galaxy S 2 Using CF-ROOT Kernel

    How to ROOT Samsung Galaxy S 2 Using CF-ROOT Kernel

    The process is extremely simple, but not without dangers, act only if you are conscious, what you are doing. You have to flash a modified kernel, containing root, busybox, and ClockworkMod (CWM3) recovery. The procedure is usually that we have
  • How to Install MIUI ROM Android 2.3.4 on Samsung Galaxy

    How to Install MIUI ROM Android 2.3.4 on Samsung Galaxy

    New MIUI ROM is one of the latest and highly user friendly rom. It gives new and some interesting features to android users. It have some useful and toggle features that are not in default android ROM , it has
  • 5 Tips increase battery life in android phones

    5 Tips increase battery life in android phones

    Android OS is a big platform in the junction of mobile OS. Cause of that android OS have a large specification area in mobile field it want more power comparing to older mobile OS for apps,gadgets,calling,surfing etc. In a average
  • How to Make G1 Jailbroken

    How to Make G1 Jailbroken

    Full system access, read and write, has been obtained. And this method is quite easy. A few folks at the xda-developers forum discovered you can start telnet on the device by downloading PTerminal from Android Market, and then you can
  • How To Tether Samsung Galaxy Ace as a Wi-Fi Hotspo

    How To Tether Samsung Galaxy Ace as a Wi-Fi Hotspo

    It’s a way to share one’s internet with other. In tethering anyone can share his internet data connection with others through Wi- Fi enabled devices. By this a group of friends can access the internet in their Wi-Fi enabled handsets