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AndScrum Android BusinessAndScrum Android Business

AndScrum is the mobile client application for Rally (agile scrum-based software project management tool –
With AndScrum you can always be together with your project data and manage it from wherever you are.
The application supports both enterprise and community accounts. Your workspace’s data is stored in local database,
so all your actions will be fast (without dependency to internet connection). Local storage is synchronized according to sync schedule,
that can be adjusted by you to meet your needs in the best way.
As AndScrum works in offline mode, you can manage projects even when you offline – all changes will be synced after you’ll get a connection.
AndScrum applies you to work with and synchronize multiple workspaces’ data (this also may be adjusted by you manually).
Current version of the app supports the following types of Work Products:
– User Story;
– Defect;
– Task.
All supported Work Products are shown in lists and selected according to applied Filter (Backlog, My Tasks, etc).
It’s also possible to search Work Products by FormattedID and get the list of them as a result.
All Filters are applied to currently selected Project, that can be switched in the Options or in Action Bar on Main Screen or List Screens.
Lists of WorkProduct could be sorted by FomattedID, Owner, Rank and State as well.
Also AndScrum provides you with a possibility to manage the set of Filters, that are shown on the Main Screen.
After installation you have a set of default filters and you can create your own additional filters for your current needs.
With AndScrum you can create, edit, view and delete User Stories, Defects and Tasks
and view or manage Work Product’s relationship (Parent-Children, Work Product-Task, Defect-Requirement).

As it was already said earlier, you can adjust options of synchronization: you can turn on\off schedule sync (automatic sync)
and specify it’s interval. Also, you always can start synchronization immediately via pressing sync button in Action Bar or from Sync Options Screen.
The app includes simple logic for sync conflicts resolution: if conflict was detected during synchronization,
you will be informed about it via Notification in the Device’s Notification Bar.
Conflict resolution means here that you can choose which version of Work Product is actual:
– your local one, which was modified by you in AndScrum (Press ‘Push’ while resolving a conflict);
– server’s one, which was modified by someone else on server (Press ‘Pull’ while resolving a conflict).

If some errors take place in AndScrum, you will be informed about it with proposition to provide support team with error report,
which is very important for us to make the application better. So, please don’t hesitate to send it.

Please note that current version is temporary free version and we are looking forward to see your comments, feature requests,
bug reports and any other feedback. You can send your feedback to

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