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  • App Name: AppSwipe!
  • Rating: 3.95
  • Apk: com.magouyaware.appswipe
  • Cost: Free
  • Developer:
  • Market: market://search?q=pname:com.magouyaware.appswipe
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AppSwipe! Android ToolsAppSwipe! Android Tools

Task switcher/manager with Alt+Tab look & feel

Quickly switch between the following:
- Running Apps
- Recent Apps
- Favorites
- Services
- Processes

On Android 2.1 or older apps can also be closed by swiping up on the icon.

On Android 2.2 or newer a running app’s memory can be cleaned up but the apps cannot be closed (this is a limitation of Android and is not a bug). This is done by long-pressing on the icon.

Switch between running applications with a desktop widget.

AppSwipe! Donate Key:
The following features can be unlocked by purchasing the “AppSwipe! Donate Key” app:

- Close apps from the widget
- Launch from home button
- Launch from Search button
- Launch form Camera button
- Status bar notification on boot

Please, please, please… Email me ( if you encounter a bug, have any problems using this app, or have a feature suggestion.

If you like this app, please take a few moments to rate it and leave a comment.

- AppSwipe! Donate Key
- Quick Launch

Recent changes:
-Minor maintenance updates

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