Artis Fancy Contacts Widget

Arti’s Fancy Contacts Widget Android PersonalizationArti’s Fancy Contacts Widget Android Personalization

This widget allows access to configured contacts direct from desktop.
It allows you to configure not only the individual contacts but also set up a contact group - allows you to send text messages and emails to several people with one click.
Each of the added contacts has three actions - default (entire picture), which you define in your configuration and two more, which are defined by the application (bottom left and bottom right photo).

Available actions: Call (by default dialer), Send Text/Multimedia message (SMS/MMS), Sens email, Show contact card, Ask me later (asks what to do every time you press on the picture)

WARNING! As I mentioned THIS IS WIDGET - Do not try to run it from the application menu. After instal add it to one of your desktops.

App Specification

  • App Name: Artis Fancy Contacts Widget
  • Rating: 3.71
  • Apk: arti.widgets.contacts20
  • Cost: Free
  • Developer: