Call Sift cSift call filter

Call Sift (cSift)  call filter Android BusinessCall Sift (cSift)  call filter Android Business

Automatically replies to your calls and text messages when you are busy.
While driving or in a meeting, cSift replies with a personalized message without your intervention, but still allows urgent calls to get through.

cSift is the only application that allows you to manage your calls whenever you’re want peace of mind.

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* Screen calls by urgency with Text Message reply.
* Allows call filtering by disrupting only in urgent matters.
* White LIst, enable exception for choosing contacts
* Safety, while you Driving
* Allows complete focus on tasks without worrying about incoming calls.
* Ability to compose your own personalized message (Multi Languages).
* Ability to compose your own personalized Release Keyword (Multi Languages).
* Ability to replay only to mobile phones.
* Ability to select a personalized alarm notification
* Enable Install on SD Card

Here Is A Scenario:

When someone calls you, your phone will automatically send a TEXT message asking if the call is urgent or not. At this point one of two scenarios may occur:

1. The caller replies YES to the TEXT message allowing your phone to recognize the urgency by playing a ringtone that lets you know there is an urgent phone call.
2. The caller replies NO or not respond at all to the TEXT message allowing your phone to remain in silent mode.

App Specification

  • App Name: Call Sift cSift call filter
  • Rating: 4.33
  • Apk: com.callsift.activity
  • Cost: US$2.50
  • Developer:
  • Market: market://search?q=pname:com.callsift.activity
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