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  • App Name: Car Mode Control
  • Rating: 3
  • Apk: net.cwfk.ig88.carmode
  • Cost: Free
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  • Market: market://search?q=pname:net.cwfk.ig88.carmode
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Car Mode Control Android ToolsCar Mode Control Android Tools

A simple launcher icon that enters or exits car mode. This app does not provide a Car Home, it just puts your phone in car mode. Upon entering car mode, most android phones attempt to launch an alternate home application. Being in car mode changes the home button on your phone to return to that alternate home application. That is all a part of the Android OS. Again, this application just forces the OS into that mode.

Works on eclair, froyo, and gingerbread, provided your phone was already capable of car mode.

I’ve had trouble with this functionality embedded in Car Dock Home v3. Even google seems to keep their app that enters car mode separate from the market app that acts as a car home.

If you are on a froyo or better phone and have the Google ‘Car Home’ icon in your launcher, I recommend using that to enter car mode.

I’m compelled to make this free due to the functionality previously being in Car Dock Home v3 (free)

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