Cmoneys MMORPG Demo/PoC

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  • App Name: Cmoneys MMORPG Demo/PoC
  • Rating: 1
  • Apk: appinventor.ai_chaz1429.Game
  • Cost: Free
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  • Market: market://search?q=pname:appinventor.ai_chaz1429.Game
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Cmoneys MMORPG Demo/PoC Android Arcade & ActionCmoneys MMORPG Demo/PoC Android Arcade & Action

A 2D MMORPG Demo/Proof of Concept Game

Has a simple attack/defend battle system
2 Players to a game at a time
Demos a shop but unfortunately nothing in it yet. (will have stuff in the Donate/Pro version)
3 Classes Guard, Knight, Wizard


1) slect character to play as
2a) if starting a new game type in email then hit submit
2b) if joining a game, do step one, then hit join game. Then type in your email address then hit submit. Then type in teh instance (game name) for the game you want to join then submit at the bottom of the page.
3) enjoy

This free demo version will not receive any more updates, accept for major bugfixes. So if you want all the new cool features like the shop and quests and villages and stuff you will need the donate/pro version which will be available in the market soon.

Made completely with Android App Inventor

Basically only made this to prove some of the awesomeness that could be created with App inventor.

The Donate/Pro Verison will also have online account creation and saving so you dont have to make a new game or join someone elses game every time.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming Donate/Pro version. It will include a working shop and new sections like a village and whatnot. Also some npcs for quest and stuff. Keep in mind its all made with app inventor and i can only do what it lets me. So ill do my best but comments/suggestions are really welcome.

I am aware that this version is glitchy. Its pretty tough to do this stuff with app inventor so it takes time and patience. Keep in mind though this is the demo. Once i release the Donate/Pro Version i will hopefully be addressing most if not all the major problems. I appreciate the comments thus far, but would more than welcome some creative suggestions. thanks all the same

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