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  • App Name: DetectiveX
  • Rating: 5
  • Apk: com.justmore.detectivex
  • Cost: Free
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  • Market: market://search?q=pname:com.justmore.detectivex
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DetectiveX Android Brain & PuzzleDetectiveX Android Brain & Puzzle

This game is the Android version of the Scotland Yard board game.

In Scotland Yard, the player controls the detectives trying to capture the elusive Mr. X before he can escape from London. The detectives move around on the board, which is a map of London, but Mr. X moves in secret; recording his moves on a pad.

All of the players can only move from one location to another if they have a ticket of the proper type. There are three types of ticket; bus, taxi and underground. The players have a limited supply of tickets and the detectives must work together in order to trap Mr. X.

The detectives try to close in on Mr. Xs location. Every third move Mr. X must reveal his location which allows the detectives to slowly narrow their search. If a detective ever lands on the location occupied by Mr. X, you win the game. If Mr. X manages to elude the detectives until they run out of tickets then the Mr. X is the winner.

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