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Fishin’ Buddy Android LifestyleFishin’ Buddy Android Lifestyle

A great companion for all your fishing trips! This app will log fishing events(catches, bites, break-offs, thrown hooks, sightings, and follows) in relation to the trip in which they occurred. Fishing trips and fishing events can be reviewed at any time.

Fishin Buddy will automatically capture:
- GPS location
- Nearest city to the fishing event
- Weather Conditions (including moon phase and sunrise/sunset times)

The user can also input:
- Fish species (including a custom user-defined species if desired)
- Fish size
- Fishing gear used
- Optional weather fields (water temp, water clarity, tidal level, water depth)
- Photo/Video/Audio
- Many more fields!

Also includes:
- The ability to export trips to Google Maps or Docs
- The ability to see a Map of fishing events from previous trips
- The ability to share catches via Twitter
- A Trophy Room to track the largest fish caught and the most successful fishing trips
- A Trip Planner to prepare for a future fishing trip

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