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Wonder where was your teenager spending time last night? Or when did they leave school, home, or tennis-practice? Or maybe its granny you are concerned about whether she got back home from the park yet? gOmniTracker can answer these questions, and more, right from your Android Device. gOmniTracker is a Location Based Service (LBS) that allows your Mobile Device to keep track of the members of your family, friends, or team, while your are on-the-go, or from your desktop. It locates your devices on the map, and displays the location history of your devices for any time-frame of your choice. gOmniTracker notifies you, by email or text message, when a device enter or leaves a certain area (aka geofence), or cross the boundary of a red zone. From the website, you can configure your teenager device to alarm you when he/she is over speeding on the high-way.

* Allows you to track a device in real-time from your Android Device, or from your desktop by login to gOmniTracker.com..
* Alerts you through email, text message, or both when a device cross zone boundary or reach speed limit.
* Allows you to display location history events for a particular device in a specified period. Each event shows the time, date, device name, speed, heading, latitude, longitude, altitude, and address.
* Locates lost or misplaced devices (within battery life).
* Allows you to control device tracking behavior from your Mobile Device, by changing refresh rates, and location updates.
* Provides with quick search capability, for the nearest hospital, 24-hr pharmacies, movie theaters, or car dealership.
* Allows you to get directions on the map using point-and-shoot method, or using traditional entry of source and destination. You can also request direction using full text specifying from/to of map center, device, favorite place, zone center, or specified address.
* Allows you to share locations between friends, who do not belong to the same account. When you invite a friend, an SMS message will be send with the invite. You can hide, share, or remove your visibility to any of your friends at any time.
* Allows you to update your status (what you are up to), which will be visible to your family and friends.
* Setup your photo right from your device, or from the desktop.
* Provides real time traffic and weather forecast in the vicinity of any location.
* All devices can be monitored and displayed on either the map or in list forms. Each person is identified with his/her photo on the map, and location is being refreshed according to the preferred settings.

gOmniTracker provides answers for more questions: Where is my son’s phone right now? How can I get back to my car in a parking lot or to my hotel in this new town? When and where my son was speeding with his brand new car?

gOmniTracker is available on most mobile platforms and varieties of devices. It’s easy to install and use:
1. First you need to have an account before using gOmniTracker. You can sign-up for an account from gOmniTracker.com by clicking on the Register tab.
2. Once registered, you will receive the account information in an email.
3. Download and install the gOmniTracker mobile application into the particular device.
4. Activate the device from the Setting screen, after entering the account information.
5. Agree on the policy.
6. Receive a “Congratulation Message” from the server as an acknowledgment with successful activation.

A device will be added automatically to your account when you install and activate the mobile application on each particular device, as explained above.

We love to hear from you, drop us a line for any improvement you would like to add.

For more information:
Website: gOmniTracker.com,
Contact: support@gomnitracker.com.
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaJpCphkyZU.

Recent changes:
– Added supported languages translations

App Specification

  • App Name: gOmniTracker
  • Rating: 2.46
  • Apk: com.omni.android
  • Cost: Free
  • Developer: http://www.gomnitracker.com
  • Market: market://search?q=pname:com.omni.android
  • Download from Market