Handsfree-Lite Android ToolsHandsfree-Lite Android Tools

Handsfree-Lite is the free, feature-limited version of Handsfree. The full version supports additional features like speaker mode support and an alternative speech recognition which doesnt rely on a data connection.

Handsfree is a small Android App to answer or reject calls with a voice command. This is particular useful in situation where you have no hands free (e.g. when youre riding a bike, driving a car, programming, weight lifting, playing guitar) or you just dont want to use your hands (e.g. when its f**king cold outside or youre just too lazy).

Please make sure you removed Handsfree-Lite before you install Handsfree!

The current release is primarily meant to be used with a wired headset. Bluetooth headsets are currently not supported.

As an extra feature Handsfree can tell you who is calling you (you need an installed text-to-speech packet for this to work). Many Phones can do this on their own, but with Handsfree you can limit this feature to when you use a wired headset. So your phone doesnt tell everybody else next to you whos calling you.

Handsfree is developed and fully working on a Motorola Defy. If something doesnt work as expected, please contact me before you give a low rating.

Also, you should know that, depending on the recognition engine you use, you may need an internet connection for Handsfree to work. (The Google Voice Recognition engine uses Googles servers for the recognition)

App Specification

  • App Name: Handsfree-Lite
  • Rating: 3.36
  • Apk: org.dmfs.handsfreelite
  • Cost: Free
  • Developer: http://dmfs.org/handsfree/?lite
  • Market: market://search?q=pname:org.dmfs.handsfreelite
  • Download from Market