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Handy Construction Calculators Android ProductivityHandy Construction Calculators Android Productivity

25 Proven Construction Calculators and Estimators
These easy to use calculators and estimators represent the best collection of tools on any mobile platform. For the price of a nice coffee, you can be sure to have all the estimating power you need on your phone. These calculators cover all types of projects, and are perfect for the pro or do it yourselfer.

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Board Lineal Foot
Brick Block
Circle Solver
Concrete & Rebar (Round/Rect)
Drop Ceiling
Rise Run Angle
$ SqFt/LinFt Cost Estimator
Drill Bit Speed/Hole Chart
Crown Molding Angle Charts

Detailed Descriptions:

Aggregate – Calculate tons, cubic yards and cubic feet for a given width, length, thickness, wastage % and density. Densities include over 15 types of rock, sand, dirt, mulch and gravel.

Asphalt – Calculate tons needed for a given width, length and thickness. Also various Asphalt mixing and estimating charts.

Board/Lineal Feet – Calculate board feet and lineal feet for a given thickness, width, length and # of boards.

Brick/Block – Calculate # of bricks or blocks needed for a given wall length and height, wastage % and block type.

Circle Solver – Calculate Area, Diameter or Circumference

Concrete Rectangle – Calculate cubic yards, cubic feet, premixed bags and portland bags and feet of rebar for a given width, length and thickness and rebar spacing.

Concrete Round – Calculate cubic yards, cubic feet, premixed bags and portland bags for a given diameter, height and number of columns.

Drop Ceiling – Calculate room area, linear wall footage, 12ft main support sections, 4 or 2ft tee supports, 4×2 or 2×2 ceiling tiles, 12ft support wall moldings, wire ties, wire length and number of anchors for a given room length, width and distance to ceiling.

Drywall – Calculate number of panels needed (including ceiling), amount of joint compound, # and lbs. of fasteners, joint tape primer and adhesive for a given room length, width and height and specific panel size being used.

Flooring – Calculate sq yards, sq feet and # boxes needed for a given length, width, wastage % and box size.

Framing – Calculate # of studs and plates for a given wall length, # windows, # doors, # corners and stud spacing.

Insulation – Calculate # of batts/rolls needed for a given area length and width and specific batt/roll size.

Paint – Calculate # of gallons needed for a given wall length, height, # coats and wall type.

Rafter – Calculate rafter length for a given run and pitch.

Rise/Run/Angle – Calculate run or angle for a given rise.

Roofing – Calculate # of bundles or rolls, underlayment and pounds of nails for a given length, width, roof type, pitch, nail size and bundle/roll size.

Sq Feet $ Cost – Calculate Total $ for a given length, width and $ per sq ft.

Linear Feet $ Cost – Calculate Total $ for a given individual panel length, number of panels and $ cost per linear foot.

Squaring 3/4/5 – Calculate the diagonal for a given length and width.

OSB Sheeting – Calculate # of 4×8 OSB sheets needed for a given length and height.

Stairs – Calculate riser height, tread run, total treads, total risers, total run and stringer board length for a given total rise, individual rise and run. Includes selection of common values.

Tile – Calculate # of field and # of border tiles needed for a given room width and length, tile size, and tile orientation.

Charts for crown molding angle cuts, drill bit speed and pilot hole charts.

Copy results to the clipboard or send an email with them right from the application.

** In the Top 50 Paid Productivity Apps **

Please email me with any comments, issues or questions rather than just leaving a negative comment. I value your opinion and I will respond!! I will generally take your feedback and enhance the app with free updates. Thanks!

Currently does not support metric measurements, coming soon though!

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