Locale Google Voice Set Plug

App Specification

  • App Name: Locale Google Voice Set Plug
  • Rating: 4.55
  • Apk: com.steelgirder.LocaleGoogleVoicePlugin
  • Cost: US$3.99
  • Developer: http://sites.google.com/site/steelgirderdevelopmentsite/home/locale-google-voice-plug-in
  • Market: market://search?q=pname:com.steelgirder.LocaleGoogleVoicePlugin
  • Download from Market

Locale Google Voice Set Plug Android CommunicationLocale Google Voice Set Plug Android Communication

With Locale or Tasker and the Google Voice Plug-In you can control automatically which phones in your GV account should ring, based on all the great conditions Tasker or Locale offers, like your Location, SSID or Time.

PlugIn – it will not run without Locale or Tasker

Recent changes:
Mandatory Market upgrade.

Please email me if you are having any kind of problems. Thanks.

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