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  • App Name: Miners Mobile
  • Rating: 3
  • Apk: com.frustaci.miners
  • Cost: US$1.00
  • Developer: http://frustaci.sites.uol.com.br/miners.html
  • Market: market://search?q=pname:com.frustaci.miners
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Miners Mobile Android Brain & PuzzleMiners Mobile Android Brain & Puzzle

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The goal is to dig tunnels that lead the miner lemmings to the gold and then back to the surface.

This is a drawingpuzzle game featuring 4 custom levels and 8 levels procedurally generated for infinite amount of fun.

Requires touchscreen enabled phone.

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Recent Features:
Preference Screen.
Drawing Zoom Feature.
Use the preference screen to tweak drawing as you like.

Planned Features:
Level Loading Custom Levels.
Improved graphics and gameplay!

The miners are simple creatures:
. Miners will walk straight forward until they hit a wall or get bored.
. When a miner hits gold, he will pick up a chunk of the gold, but only if he isnt already carrying some gold.
. If a miner carrying gold enters either starting platform, he will drop the gold there.
. When a miner faces a steep cliff in front of him, theres a 66% chance he will try to jump over it.
. After a miner has hit a wall and changed direction, theres a 66% he will jump back in the direction he came from.
. A miner that falls more than 100 pixels or hit slime will die.
. Quicksand will get miners stuck for couple of seconds until they can free themselves up and they will loose their gold.

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