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  • App Name: My Reminders
  • Rating: 4.5
  • Apk: org.swartzfager.MyReminders
  • Cost: US$1.00
  • Developer:
  • Market: market://search?q=pname:org.swartzfager.MyReminders
  • Download from Market

MyReminders Android ProductivityMyReminders Android Productivity

To-do list and reminder app. Lets you either type or dictate your reminders. Comes with 3 widgets in 2 styles that let you open your list or add to the top/bottom of your list from the widget. You can schedule an alarm (date and time) for time-sensitive reminders. Has options for purging or keeping completed reminders.

Recent changes:
* Updated the original widget layouts and created dark translucent versions of the widgets modeled after Sense UI.

* Added a Quick Save button below reminder text input to allow the saving of a reminder without the need to dismiss on-screen keyboard/scroll down.

* Fixed widget/landscape layout bugs.

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