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ReGalAndroid Android Media & VideoReGalAndroid Android Media & Video

ReGalAndroid (RemoteGallery client for Android) is an open source (GPL v3) G2,G3 and Piwigo client for the Android platform; it aims at providing the best integration possible of a remote gallery on Android; better than browsing the web gallery with the integrated webkit browser.

ReGalAndroid is the follow-up of G2Android; G2Android only provided support for G2 and its development is now over; G2Android is dead, long live ReGalAndroid !

ReGalAndroid can run on Android from version 1.5 to the latest (it has been tested on various phones and tablets from 1.5 to 2.2)

Your gallery must have remote api access enabled ;
* with G2 make sure remote module is installed and enabled
* with G3 enable the rest access
* with Piwigo, it is enabled on all installations, nothing to worry about

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