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Screen On Toggler Android ToolsScreen On Toggler Android Tools

Screen on toggler is basically a replacement tool for the default search button on your android phone when you long press it. It allows you to quickly toggle your screens timeout from always ON to your screen timeouts setting and vice versa.

Once installed, press and hold the search button on your android phone and a dialog will appear. Then select screen on toggler to toggle between always ON and your original screen timeout setting. You may also set it as the default action when you long press your search button, but it is recommended NOT to set as the default action, so that you may use it in conjunction with other search button replacement tools such as Wifi Toggler (also by me). You may clear the default setting for Screen On Toggler by going to the Manage Applications area, select screen on toggler and scroll down and click on the Clear Defaults button. This should restore the selection dialog when you long press the search button.

To restore the timeout setting to your original setting, you may either touch on the screen on toggler icon on your androids notification bar OR you can long press your search button and select the screen on toggler again, to toggle it. Its that simple.

The reason why I wrote this application is because I have not seen any free application having such functionality to quickly toggle the screen timeout setting. Anyway, if you liked this android application, do try out my other android applications.

New In V1.1:
- Added launcher icon to allow toggling of screen timeout
- Added configuration option to always display icon in notification bar when screen timeout is NOT set to always ON (timeout in effect)
- Fixed some minor bugs
- Ad-Supported (only when you are connected to internet)

New in V1.2
- Fixed bug causing the program not abble to toggle the screen if the preferences dialog was not invoked

New in V1.3
- Added new option to show notification bar icon only when enabled (i.e: when screen timeout is not in effect)
- Added donate button
- Fixed some small bugs causing the toggling not to work in the main activity

New in V1.35
- Added option to start on boot

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