Sudoku Grabn’Play Plus

Sudoku Grab’n'Play Plus Android Brain & PuzzleSudoku Grab’n'Play Plus Android Brain & Puzzle

The most complete Sudoku on Android:

Sudoku Capture: realtime capturing using the phone camera and leading edge OCR technology

Sudoku Play:
* Four input methods (digit first, cell first, mixed, popup)
* Persistent undo/redo
* Extensive assistance with pencil marks (auto set, auto erase or manual)
* Auto save
* Highlighting of digits and/or pencil marks
* Highlighting of completed digits
* Highlighting of incorrect digits
* Supports portrait and landspace mode
* Supports all screen types and sizes
* Supports touch screen, keyboard and trackball
* Supports installation on external storage (e.g. sdcard)
* Sophisticated hint functionality supports: Full House, Hidden Single, Naked Single, Locked Candidates (Pointing + Claiming), Locked Pair & Triple, Naked Pair, Triple & Quad, Hidden Pair, Triple & Quad, XWing, Swordfish, Jellyfish, XY and XYZWing, Uniqueness Test type 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (unique rectangle), more to come soon…

* Sudoku Editor: create your own Sudoku from scratch
* Sudoku Generator: generate new Sudokus in four difficulty levels
* Sudoku Solver: solve any Sudoku in milliseconds
* Sudoku Manager: manage your 10000 Sudokus easily: create, delete, rename folders, create, copy, move, delete Sudokus, filter Sudokus according to their game status and more…

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App Specification

  • App Name: Sudoku Grabn’Play Plus
  • Rating: 4.38
  • Apk: com.onegravity.sudoku.grabandplay
  • Cost: US$1.99
  • Developer:
  • Market: market://search?q=pname:com.onegravity.sudoku.grabandplay
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