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ROM Updater

ROM Updater

ROM Updater Android ToolsROM Updater Android Tools

– requires root –
– requires ClockworkMod recovery or any with edify capabilities in /cache/recover/extendedcommand –

@ Scott: the repository list includes ALL the actual ROMs that support the updater, it doesn’t list the ROMs for your device only. Also notice that it doesn’t recognize your ROM name as the ROM developer should edit the build.prop file to be compatible with ROM Updater <- it's not broken!

>>> ask the ROM maintainer to support ROM Updater in his mod! !!!

ROM Updater is meant to be an universal, free tool to maintain your Android modified operating system up to date.

It’s repository-based, maintained by the ROM developer. It’s able to recognize the mod name and version and will let you see the available updates, incremental or full download.

It has a full support for the most common recovery actions (cache/data wipe, apply zip update, backup etc). To set the repository URL you just need a click (you can always set it manually). *NEW* A list of the actual repositories is available in the settings menu – share yours sending anonymous data!

DEVELOPERS: to know how to create a repository / integrate the updater with your mod, please go to the website or send me an email.

Sign Guru

Sign Guru

SignGuru Android ProductivitySignGuru Android Productivity

Simple list application. Can create multiple lists with unlimited editing. Incorporates secure backup to SD card. Flexible and generic to accommodate any type of list.

Recent changes:
Added capabilities to edit and view lists and their content. Added capabilities to delete all lists, save to SD card, restore from SD card, erase content from SD card and view the help screen.
Fixed a rare force close issue.



MtDemo Android DemoMtDemo Android Demo

Demonstrates the capabilities of Mobiletechs mobile world! Also take a look at www.mobiletech.mobi.

SlideIT Keyboard Lite

SlideIT Keyboard Lite

SlideIT Keyboard Lite Android ToolsSlideIT Keyboard Lite Android Tools

- SlideIT Keyboard 3.0 (Demo) -

SlideIT keyboard is a revolutionary way to enter text quickly and easily. Instead of entering text by tapping on letters, SlideIT keyboard eases texting by allowing the user to slide a finger along the letters, while the words “magically” appear on the screen.

SlideIT keyboard is an excellent tool for entering text, enabling users to dramatically improve writing speed with a quick learning curve. Writing efficiency is further enhanced with SlideIT keyboard smart predictive texting and disambiguation capabilities.

SlideIT Keyboard Support more than 31 Languages!

Users: <>

*Limited by a trial Period.

Grocery Pro

Grocery Pro

GroceryPro Android ShoppingGroceryPro Android Shopping

“Experience the next generation of visual Grocery/Recipe List creation today!” Now with voice control and product rename capabilities!

Visual list creation:

No more typing (and retyping) of product names you purchase repeatedly; simply tap the icon to indicate the number of that particular product you wish to purchase.

Over 170 predefined products:

Create your list using existing product icons or create new products (with default icons) to add to your database for future selection.

Ability to add new products with ease:

Is the item you’re adding unique? No problem, add it once and use it multiple times.

Fast sorting & searching through products:

Searching and sorting products has never been easier! Sort modes include: Sort by Popularity and Sort by Name. Search dynamically displays desired products as you type.

List sharing:

Share your lists and favorite recipes via email with family and friends anytime.

As you shop:

Tap products in your list to indicate items have been purchased. Then, elect to view or hide purchased items.

Hexclock Live Wallpaper

Hexclock Live Wallpaper

Hexclock Live Wallpaper Android PersonalizationHexclock Live Wallpaper Android Personalization

A hexadecimal clock to be used as a live wallpaper. This uses real hexadecimal time (16 hour day, 256 minute hour, 16 second minute).

8_AF_7 format with clock arcs around the time.

6/3/2010 – Minor Layout Updates

NOTE: Requires Live Wallpaper capabilities.



Scout Android ToolsScout Android Tools

Scout is the minimalist approach for your wardriving needs.

Scans for wireless networks and associates them with your GPS location into a tab delimited file (scout.txt) on the sdcard.


1. bssid
2. ssid
3. capabilities
4. frequency
5. level
6. latitude
7. longitude
8. timestamp

Christiana Mall Application

Christiana Mall Application

Christiana Mall Application Android ShoppingChristiana Mall Application Android Shopping

The KNOT Map for Christiana Mall provides a fully interactive experience for your next mall visit.

Use the interactive map and searching capabilities to get information for and directions to stores, restrooms, ATMs and more.

View latest sales and events.

Sharing markers, set meeting locations, send notes and more.

Free Advance Phone Assistant

Free Advance Phone Assistant

Free Advance Phone Assistant Android ToolsFree Advance Phone Assistant Android Tools

End applications,task, speed up phone, and save battery!! 1) Terminate Apps via App Detail Page 2) Shows Memory 3) Bulk Uninstall 4)Backup capabilities for saving and restoring applications 5)Shows Free SD Card MEM 6) Backup Apps to Email.7)File Manager 8)Call log analyse.
more information,visit websit.

Network Monitor

Network Monitor

Network Monitor Android ToolsNetwork Monitor Android Tools

Simple and Statistical precision.
Support a variety of Android mobile devices.

2G/3G and Wi-Fi network data traffic monitoring capabilities.
Network data traffic to warn function.
Real time monitoring of network data charts and summary.

Paid version:No ads.