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QikTag Android SocialQikTag Android Social

The QikTag reader lets you quickly and easily access cool mobile content, you don’t have to type in long URLs into your phone. Just open the app, click on the screen, and hold the phone’s camera over the QR code. When you hear the beep, the scan has been successful and your page will start loading.



TwitQR Android SocialTwitQR Android Social

This app will allow you to create a QR code that will share your Twitter account. Simply type in your Twitter username and push the enter button. Your own unique QR code will show up. It will store the QR code for you so that you dont have to retype your name each time you open the app.


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billiger.de  price comparison

billiger.de price comparison

billiger.de – price comparison Android Shoppingbilliger.de – price comparison Android Shopping

Price comparison for more than 2500 shops in Germany!

Check if the sale price is really a good deal by scanning the barcode*.

+ EAN- a. QR-Code-Scanner
+ Now with Food and Drugstore-Items!
+ Tips for comparing prices (german only)

* Update: Enhancement of Scanner and GUI.
Bugfix for Desire & Milestone



Daum Android Books & ReferenceDaum Android Books & Reference

‘Daum’application combines all of Daum’s webs into one
Get fast,easy access to the Daum services
-Voice Search:Awesome voice search for Korean.It’s fast and accurate
-Object Search:You can search without typing
-Barcode Scanning:The best Barcode scanning service ever. (1D barcode&QR code)
-Direct Link

QR Code

QR Code

QR Code Android ToolsQR Code Android Tools

QR Code is an application of encode and decode QR image for Android GPhone. QR 2D BarCode attract more and more attention in the realy world now. With this application, you can: encode string to QR image; decode QR image to string; load QR image from website; take QR image snapshot from camera; SMS QR image URL. Fix SMS bug



CouchBuyer Android LifestyleCouchBuyer Android Lifestyle

Send information to your phone about the products presented in Retail Video On Demand movies, found in the On Demand section of Comcast Cable. Selecting channel 887 on your tv remote takes you to the Retail category. For products that interest you, simply pause your TV and use the CouchBuyer app to scan the QR Code.

App to QR

App to QR

App to QR Android ToolsApp to QR Android Tools

Simple application that shows the QR code and send messages to Twitter or email of the applications installed on your mobile. This way your friends can easily install these applications on their phone.

- Option View more info on the program selected


Infoceptor Plus  바코드 스캐너

Infoceptor Plus 바코드 스캐너

Infoceptor Plus – 바코드 스캐너 Android LifestyleInfoceptor Plus – 바코드 스캐너 Android Lifestyle

Infoceptor Plus:
상품 바코드 검색 기능을 강화하였으며, 바코드 정보가 없는 경우 상품명으로도 검색할 수 있도록 보완했습니다.

생활 밀착형 바코드, QR코드(QR Code) 스캐너

도서정보: ISBN 바코드를 통해 도서 가격 및 도서 요약정보, 도서관 대출 가능 정보 제공

상품정보: 상품 바코드를 통해 온라인 마트 가격정보 제공

명함정보: vCard, meCard형태의 QR Code 정보를 연락처에 등록

바코드외에 다양한 QR Code 정보를 제공합니다.

Recent changes:
프로요 대응과 플래시관련 부분 수정했습니다. 모토글램에서 확인 부탁드립니다.

본 바코드 스캐너에 대해 만점에 가까운 평가를 해주신 모든 분들께 감사드립니다.

바코드와 QR Code를 통해 편리하고 경제적인 생활을 위해 계속 노력하겠습니다.



TweetQR Android SocialTweetQR Android Social

A simple application that lets you tweet using a QR code instead of a regular text status update. You enter text in the app and a QR code image is created and posted to TwitPic. Your status is updated on twitter with a link to the image.



Naver Android Books & ReferenceNaver Android Books & Reference

Create Your New Lifestyle with Naver!

Naver App Optimized for Smartphones, Now Available.
With Naver App, you can:

- Easily look up contacts with quick Korean character search of your mobile.
- Get the lowest price on products or book information by scanning barcodes.
- Scan a QR code that contains various information such URLs, contacts, event package.
- Search with your voice ━ you dont have use a keypad.
- Search for music and lyrics by sound
- Use Smart Finder to enable suggestions for custom search
- Use Naver Knowledge iN ━ a community-driven Q&A service ━ to submit your questions and find answers on real-time basis.
- See popular keyword at a glance – Naver Real-Time Rising Keywords
- Go directly to Naver Mobile Web or Mobile Apps.

Thank you for using Naver services, and we will constantly improve to serve you better, and to provide up-to-date services.