The Great Boer War

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The Great Boer War Android Books & ReferenceThe Great Boer War Android Books & Reference

The Great Boer War is a non-fiction work on the Boer War by Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes creator). A very thorough account, compiled with as much accuracy as was attainable at this date, looking at both political and military questions.


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This book can be read in portrait or landscape mode.
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Use the MENU/BOOK MARK option to return to a book mark.
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For your reading comfort, the book has two reading modes, day and night.
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Footnotes within the original book are maintained and linked within the book.
You can select font size for the book using the books menu options.
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You can select background colour for the book using the books menu options
By default, the phone will not turn off whilst you are reading the book. This option can be turned off in MENU/SETTINGS

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