VocabularyTrainer DE/EN Beg.

VocabularyTrainer (DE/EN) Beg. Android Brain & PuzzleVocabularyTrainer (DE/EN) Beg. Android Brain & Puzzle

This is a VocabularyTrainer for Beginners.
Now, 2000 new Words!

With this easy to use app you can improve your English or your German skills anywhere and anytime! If your choice is correct, the button will light up in green. If you’re wrong, it will be red.
Build your vocabulary by translating thirty new words in each round.
With a click of the blue button on the top left, you can toggle the direction of translation from German to English and English to German.

If you got a wrong answer, you can use the answerbutton to display the right answer!

Be aware this is a trainer for Beginners.
Other higher levels with more words and more different languages will follow.

You dont need to be online! You can train your Brain via offline modus.

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