Wu Shijun: 8 Diagrams Palm

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  • App Name: Wu Shijun: 8 Diagrams Palm
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  • Apk: com.eztakes.WuShijunQuanFengSeriesEightDiagramsPalmEightStylesAndEightPalms_0660585
  • Cost: US$15.99
  • Developer: http://www.eztakes.com/store/hiw/support.jsp
  • Market: market://search?q=pname:com.eztakes.WuShijunQuanFengSeriesEightDiagramsPalmEightStylesAndEightPalms_0660585
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Wu Shijun: 8 Diagrams Palm Android EntertainmentWu Shijun: 8 Diagrams Palm Android Entertainment

The basic route of Ba Gua Zhang (Eight Diagrams Palm) includes Old Eight Palms and Interlinked Eight Palms. Eight Styles and Eight Palms is also in this progression. It takes the shape of eight animals: swallow, eagle, …more at www.eztakes.com. (Duration: 65 Minutes)

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