Wulin OOP: 8 Punching on Piles

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  • App Name: Wulin OOP: 8 Punching on Piles
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  • Apk: com.eztakes.WulinOutofPrintSeriesEightPunchingontheMiddlePiles_0660840
  • Cost: US$11.99
  • Developer: http://www.eztakes.com/store/hiw/support.jsp
  • Market: market://search?q=pname:com.eztakes.WulinOutofPrintSeriesEightPunchingontheMiddlePiles_0660840
  • Download from Market

Wulin OOP: 8 Punching on Piles Android SportsWulin OOP: 8 Punching on Piles Android Sports

The movements of Eight Punching on the Middle Piles are continuous and forceful. While defending, they are like alert dogs fending off intruders. While attacking, theyre like hungry tigers darting down the mountains. The movements are marked by floating …more at www.eztakes.com. (Duration: 56 minutes)

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