Juvenile Wushu: Swordplay

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  • App Name: Juvenile Wushu: Swordplay
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  • Apk: com.eztakes.ChineseKungFuWushuJuvenileWushuSeriesSwordplay_0660265
  • Cost: US$15.99
  • Developer: http://www.eztakes.com
  • Market: market://search?q=pname:com.eztakes.ChineseKungFuWushuJuvenileWushuSeriesSwordplay_0660265
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Juvenile Wushu: Swordplay Android EntertainmentJuvenile Wushu: Swordplay Android Entertainment

The whole routine can be divided into 2 segments consisting of 18 forms with many kinds of sword techniques, and includes footwork, body form, balance actions and jumping movements. When practicing, the hands, eyes, body, footwork and weapon must move as …more at www.eztakes.com. (Duration: 54 Minutes)

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